Wastell - Kokomo Beach Club

The Kokomo property consists of 23.6 hectares and is located on the north side of George St. immediately south of the Kettle Creek Golf Course. The property is being developed under a Plan of Subdivision and includes 150 detached residential dwellings and 360 apartment style units, the latter contained in 4 buildings, one of which is 4 storeys and three of which are 6 storeys. The developer is the Wastell Group from London, and full details of the development including its amenities can be found on the Kokomo marketing website at  www.kokomobeachclub.com

The PSVA made a presentation on behalf of members at the public meeting related to the approval of this development and the presentation, including member survey results, is included below.  While welcoming well-planned development in the community, the PSVA raised issues related to increased traffic on George St., in the neighbourhood and the village as a whole, especially during the summer, and recommended that a second access to and from the development be required.

The PSVA also raised concerns about the apartment building heights, the density of the development and the closeness of the housing facing on George St. to the street (concerns being safe access to parking and the through street). Discussions took place about the provision of seniors and affordable housing, but CE did not receive a commitment for this from the developer. 

Phase 1 of the development, being the single detached dwellings fronting on George Street, is substantially complete. Servicing is underway for Phase 2 which will include additional single detached dwellings and the first (4 storey) apartment style condominium building.

Access to the subdivision at present is solely from George St. although access to Carlow may become available in the future.

Full particulars and site and/or subdivision plans for active developments, including Kokomo, are available on Central Elgin’s website at Current Planning Applications - Central Elgin. The development is listed as well as all supporting documents filed. The Planning Reports, in particular, will provide a detailed description of the development.  Note, the original development application was made under Seaglass Developments. The name of the community is now Kokomo Beach Club.

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