Fundraising committee

PSVA Fundraising Committee Mandate

The purpose of the Fundraising Committee is to achieve strategic and well planned fundraising initiatives that support the mission of the Port Stanley Village Association. 

The current goal is to establish permanent facilities in the green spaces of Port Stanley.

Responsibilities of the committee:

✔️To identify potential sources of funds

✔️To assist in the implementation of fundraising activities

✔️To ensure communication of fundraising activities within the organization and community

✔️To assess and evaluate the success of our activities 

What has the Fundraising Committee been doing?

In December 2018, the directors of the PSVA sent a letter to CE Council to start the process of raising funds for the purpose of erecting sail- style sun protection awnings in Hofhuis Park. CE staff suggested to Council that it was premature to install sails at Hofhuis Park at that time, but suggested we start raising funds for green projects around the Harbour. 

Our first major Fundraiser was the Harbour Hustle Walk/Run held Saturday May 18th, 2019. The community was very supportive of this event and everyone had a great run or walk.   

People enjoyed the donated food, prizes, and auctions. Even with the cold weather, it was a community party atmosphere.


Harbour Hustle raised about $8,000 to be used to enhance the green spaces in Port Stanley. A donation was made to the Eco Project at Kettle Creek School to pay for gardening tools to begin their gardening project. 

It is wonderful to see the Harbour Hustle T-shirts around the village as it reminds us of all the people who donated and helped out for this wonderful community event.

A second run/walk was planned for May 2020, but was cancelled because of COVID. In the Fall of 2021, the Fundraising Committee was starting to organize the 2nd Annual Harbour Hustle Run/Walk for May or June of 2022. We were getting excited and decided to partner with another Port community organization, The Port Stanley Optimists. The money raised from the Harbour Hustle would be used to enhance the green spaces around the harbour in Port Stanley for the community and visitors. Once again we have had to change our plans for Harbour Hustle due to Covid. BUT our group hopes that perhaps we will be able to have the event in September.

As part of the Dickens Day Parades in 2020 and 2021 some members and Directors of the PSVA dressed as Grinches and Christmas Gifts. It was delightful to be part of the community parade.  

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In December 2019, the Fundraising Committee hosted a movie afternoon, for young families, at the Legion. There were activities to engage the children before the movie "The Grinch That Stole Christmas" was shown. Popcorn and Orangeade were donated by Mackie’s and Papa Joe’s delivered the pizza. 

In 2020, COVID changed many of the Fundraising Committee’s plans. We noted that many people were using the Berm as a place to walk and enjoy the outdoors. At the May 2019 PSVA meeting, community members participated in breakout groups to record what they would like to see in Hofhuis Park, the Berm and the Harbour Walkways. Many groups responded that they would like quiet sitting areas.

In September, we received permission from CE for the PSVA to install sitting stones on Hofhuis Park and the Berm.  Laemer’s Landscaping were very helpful to the committee, with guidance and pricing. Since the sitting stones have been installed, people have been having outdoor meetings, families have a place to eat and watch children climb and run, and others the pleasure of a quiet moment looking out at our beautiful harbour. Even during the winter, people have appreciated the sitting stones.

The Fundraising Committee looks forward to working with the community in the next few years with plans for potential music events, the 2nd Annual Harbour Hustle, 50/50 draws, and participating in the Dicken’s Day Events.

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