Harbour Parks committee

The Harbour Parks Committee (HPC) focuses on the use of the public harbour lands, including Hofhuis Park, the Berm (East Headlands and Little Beach) and the joining harbour walkway.

Our roles are to:

  • promote awareness
  • collect the views and concerns of residents, PSVA members and specialists 
  • research the experiences of other communities
  • provide input to Central Elgin Council and staff
This is extremely important for all of us in Port Stanley because Central Elgin is now developing a Waterfront Master Plan (WMP) which will shape the future of Port Stanley's public lands and waterfront.

At its meeting on November 8 2021, Council selected Tocher Heyblom Design Inc. (operating as ThincDesign) as the consultant to carry out the Waterfront Master Plan for Port Stanley.

According to a report prepared by Central Elgin staff the consultant is to develop a waterfront masterplan which will identify land use amenity additions that enhance and improve the public realm space within the areas of the harbour designated for public use and include:
  • Consultation and communication with the public and key stakeholders and agencies prior to developing the plan to determine the desires of the community
  • Assessment of proposed amenities and how they will interact with the Risk Management Measures that are in place to mitigate the environmental contamination
  • Identification of key component costs on a project by project basis
  • Identification at a gross level of detail the financial impact of development on the Development Charges and the Municipality’s Capital Works Program based on proposed timing and phasing of development
  • Provide a detailed design plan showing key amenities (i.e. street furniture, play structures, passive recreation facilities, structures, horticultural species and locations)
  • Construction design plans for any constructed facilities including but not limited to walkways, look-out structures, docks, gazebos
The establishment of the WMP followed on from the adoption by Central Elgin of the Harbour Secondary Plan for the harbour lands. The Harbour Secondary Plan establishes the general land uses for the lands whereas the WMP represents detailed design plans for specific uses for the lands.

The adoption of the Secondary Plan and the anticipated completion of the WMP, along with the completion of the new Official Plan and comprehensive zoning by-law, represent major steps forward for the development of the public areas of the harbour parks.

The Harbour Parks Committee has actively participated, along with PSVA membership and the Board of Directors, in the process being followed by Thinc Design to consult residents and a separate page has been set up to detail our work at Waterfront Master Plan.

This included collecting and reporting the views of PSVA Members and Port Stanley residents and researching other communities' waterfront activities. 

For more information on how other communities are using their waterfront lands go to https://portstanleyberm.ca/casestudies.html

We invite those passionate about the future of our village's public lands to join our committee or send your ideas to us. Allen Slater is the Chair of the HPC and you can reach him at [email protected] 
Committee members: Allen Slater, David Harvey, Cynthia Petts, Steve Glover, Dan Ross, Wendy Sim, John Sim, Nigel Howcroft, Nancy Moore, Bob Low 

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